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Tokyo taxi Information 2020 (How to use, Fee etc, Written by Tokyo taxi driver)

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How to use a taxi in Tokyo

There is nothing special about using taxis in Tokyo compared to taxis in cities in other countries.

Meaning of taxi display

The main meanings of the taxi status in Tokyo (Japan) are as follows.

The sign is usually displayed on the passenger dashboard. (Called super sign)

Basically, only taxis with "vacant" displayed can be used without reservation.



⇒ A state where you can receive a ride application at any time.

“賃走”, “No display”, “割増”

⇒ Other passengers are already on board. Not available.


⇒ Arrival at the destination and passengers are paying the fare. In this state, there is a high possibility that you can take the taxi if you wait a little on the spot.

"迎車" "予約車"

⇒ A taxi currently being dispatched. Not available.


Call a taxi, catch

Stop a running taxi

Many taxis run in Tokyo.

Catching a taxi is easy, especially in downtown areas.

* There are fewer "empty" taxis during times of high taxi demand, such as on Friday nights or in rainy weather.

The "empty" taxi running is stopped when you raise your hand.

* Empty car = ready to carry passengers

Empty taxi

・ The indication on the dashboard on the passenger side is “vacant”

・ In the case of nighttime, the lantern on the body roof is lit



Take a waiting taxi

There are taxi ranks at train stations, airports, large hotels and commercial facilities.

Taxis are often resident except during times of high taxi demand.

At the taxi rank, you should generally take turns waiting for a taxi.

(If there is a designated car type such as a wagon car, you can also select it)

Although it is not an official taxi stand, there are many taxis waiting on streets such as downtown.

You can also use these taxis if the display is "vacant".


Have the hotel call you

If there is no taxi at the hotel taxi stand, if there is no taxi stand, or if you want to use a taxi by specifying the type of car, you can call a taxi at the hotel front desk.

If you call a taxi to the hotel, an extra 420 yen will be charged for the pick-up and drop-off (delivery fee) in addition to the regular meter fee. (If the time is specified, the reservation fee will be additional 420 yen)


Call using the dispatch app

You can call a taxi in Tokyo using the dispatch app.

However, the benefits of using a taxi app in Tokyo taxis are small compared to cities in other countries for the following reasons.

・ There are few taxis that charge unreasonable fares, such as intentional detours or meter usage.

・ Use of the app causes a vehicle dispatch fee, which is often higher than when the app is not used.

However, if there are few empty taxis and it is difficult to catch them, I think that the application of the vehicle allocation application can be effective.

The main taxi dispatch apps that can be used in Tokyo are as follows.

Both can be called from the google map app.


Currently, it is a taxi dispatch app that seems to be the most popular in Tokyo and Japan.

In addition, JapanTaxi allows you to select a "predetermined fare" when dispatching a vehicle.

This allows you to pre-determine the fare for the dispatch.

(As of January 2020, few taxi dispatch apps in Tokyo allow you to select a pre-determined fare.)



Uber is world famous.

Uber in Tokyo can call a luxury car, called a hire, instead of a regular taxi.

For this reason, fares are often slightly higher than taxis.



This is a Chinese-funded app that entered Tokyo in 2019.

As of January 2020, a free pick-up service campaign is underway.


Call the taxi company directly

If the taxi company has been designated, you can call the taxi company directly.

Here is the contact information for major taxi companies in Tokyo.



Tokyo MK


Tell your destination

Give a verbal or smartphone screen to tell the driver where to go.

If you are in a very famous place, such as Tokyo Tower or Roppongi Hills, you will be able to communicate verbally.

If not, it's better to show the map and address to the driver and have them use navigation.



Many taxis in Tokyo have many payment options.

The main payment methods are as follows.



Payment method that leads to all taxis in Tokyo.

In other countries, it is often said that "changes for large bills will not be returned", but rarely in taxis in Tokyo.


credit card

Many taxis in Tokyo accept credit card payments.

If you want to pay by credit card, ask the driver when applying for a ride.

By the way, in rare cases, the taxi's on-board terminal may not be able to read your credit card.

Therefore, I think that it is better to prepare multiple credit cards.


electronic money

Many taxis in Tokyo are compatible with various types of electronic money.

Especially, if you stay in Japan for several days, it is convenient to make a card called "Suica".

Not only taxis, but also many public transportations nationwide can be paid with this "Suica".


About chips

In Japan, unlike the United States, there is no tip culture.

So basically no tip is needed.

(There is no problem if you give a chip)

When you get off the taxi, say "thank you" and that's enough.


Taxi fares in Tokyo

How pricing works

It is as follows.

・ The first fare is 420 yen up to 1,052m

・ Additional fare is 80 yen every 233m

* When driving at a speed of 10 km or less, 80 yen every 85 seconds (* Not applicable when driving on a highway)

Calculate fare ⇒ JapanTaxi

I want to know the taxi fare in Tokyo in advance.

I think JapanTaxi's pricing simulator app is the easiest to use and can find the most accurate numbers.


Japan Taxi Fare Calculator




JapanTaxi simulates fares and time-based fares, so the results are quite similar to actual taxi meter fares.


Flat rate

Under construction

Locations of major Tokyo hotels

Under construction


Features of taxis in Tokyo

Good customer service

The service attitude of Tokyo taxi drivers is very polite. It is the world's top class.

In Japan, the idea of "the customer is God" has been around for a long time, and still remains today.

As with other service industries, many drivers are low on customers.

If there is a poor customer service and a complaint from the customer enters the company or a regulatory body, the driver will be penalized.

Japanese people are very strict about waiting on customers.


Taxi fares in Tokyo are among the highest in the world.

I don't think it's a fee that everyone can use casually.

For example, if you take a taxi from Tokyo's international airport, Narita Airport, to central Tokyo, the fare is about 25,000 yen (about 230 USD).

I think that there are few cities where the taxi fare from the airport to the city center is so expensive.


not good at English

Japanese are not very good at English. (They can read and write, but  not good at talking)

Therefore, taxi drivers in Tokyo are not good at English.

The probability that a taxi driver caught on the streets of Tokyo can speak English is low.

(As expected, I understand English at the "How much?" Level)

If you encounter a problem when you hit a driver who cannot speak English at all, use Google Translate.


Door opens automatically

The back seat door of the taxi opens automatically.

This is a sight not seen in any country other than Japan.

When you take a Japanese taxi for the first time, you may be a little surprised.

In Japan, the rear door of a taxi is operated and opened and closed by a driver using a switch at hand.

[Reason for the automatic opening and closing of Japanese taxi doors]

During the previous Tokyo Olympics (1964), there were many traffic accidents caused by foreigners getting off from the right side (the roadway side because Japan is on the left side).

The rear right door cannot be opened and closed from the inside, and the rear left door has been automated.


Taxi models in Tokyo

There are many types of vehicles used in taxis in Tokyo.

Most of them are Japanese cars, especially Toyota cars.

Until a few years ago, there were many Toyota "crowns" (sedan type), but recently there is a very large number of models called Toyota "Japan taxi" (one-box type).

Japan Taxi is taller than the Crown and the inside of the car is large. Capacity is 5 people including crew.

The design is similar to a London taxi in the UK.

Power is a hybrid of LPG engine and motor. Quiet and very fuel efficient.

Japan Taxi has a good reputation from many customers.

It will be the mainstream of Japanese taxis in the future.より引用


If there are many passengers or large luggage, there are large taxis.

Toyota Alphard has a maximum of seven people, including crew.より引用


Types of taxis in Tokyo

There are about 50,000 taxis in Tokyo.

There are two types of taxis: corporate taxis and personal taxis.


Corporate taxi

A taxi belonging to a taxi company.

The driver is an employee of the company.



The most common taxi company in Tokyo.

The number of taxis is 6,279 for the entire NIHONKOTSU Group (as of the end of September 2019).

The landmark is the letter N on the cherry blossom petals.より引用


Anyway, there are many, so if you get lost, it is safe to take a taxi on Nippon Kotsu.



The next most common traffic in Tokyo after NIHONKOTSU is a taxi km.

The number is 3,667 units for the entire km group. (As of April 1, 2018)

The landmark is "km"

The km taxi focuses on customer service.




TokyoMKtaxis are characterized by premium vehicles and services. (The name is similar to the above km taxi, but it is another taxi company.)

Private taxi

It is a taxi that does not belong to the company and owns the vehicle by the driver.

The driver is a sole proprietor.

To become a private taxi, you need at least 10 years of experience, so private taxis know the road better than corporate taxis.

The character "individual" is a landmark on the yellow lantern.

There are many blue stripes on the white background.

The model has many crowns.


Take a taxi from the airport

Under construction

Haneda airport

Under construction

Narita airport

Under construction


Take a taxi to the airport

Tokyo has two international airports.

The two airports are far apart. (Approx. 1 hour by taxi)

Please be careful not to go wrong airport.


Haneda airport

The distance between Haneda Airport terminals is quite large.

The route may vary greatly depending on the boarding location, so please inform the driver of the desired terminal when boarding.


Narita Airport

Under construction



Other information

Large number of people, large luggage

If you have a large number of passengers and want to load a lot of large luggage, you will need to use a large taxi such as a wagon car.

For example, taxi stands at the Haneda Airport International Terminal and Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit have a dedicated lane for large taxis, so it is often easy to get on a large taxi immediately.

When calling a taxi to a hotel, it is better to specify a large car.

You can also contact the taxi company directly and call for a large car.

[Contact information of major Tokyo taxi companies]





I want to use an English-speaking taxi

There are few fluent English-speaking taxi drivers in Tokyo.

(However, the minimum phrases necessary for taxi business such as How much? Are often understood.)

If you really want to take an English-speaking taxi, you have the following options:

① Call a driver who can speak English

There are taxi companies with bilingual drivers.

The following companies have major bilingual drivers.





②Take an ESD taxi

Some taxi ranks have dedicated waiting lanes for English-certified drivers (ENGLISH CERTIFIED DRIVER).

The sticker on the body is a landmark.より引用


The following are the main taxi stands with dedicated standby lanes for ESD.

・ Haneda Airport International Terminal

・ Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit


I want to visit Tokyo by taxi

There are taxi companies that offer sightseeing plans around Tokyo by taxi.

The main taxi companies that have a Tokyo sightseeing plan are listed below.






Tokyo Olympic venue

Under construction


Get a job in a taxi driver in Tokyo

Taxi companies in Tokyo are looking for taxi drivers regardless of nationality.

Above all, Hinomaru Kotsu is actively recruiting foreign taxi drivers.











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